About Nate

Nate grew up in Prince George and was heavily involved in the basketball community and has won several bodybuilding competitions. His dedication and competitive spirit have translated into his work ethic as a REALTOR®. With a big heart for the community, Nate has always had a strong passion for understanding the ins and outs of the ever changing real estate market. His widespread knowledge of the Okanagan region spans back to his childhood, where he spent every summer indulging in some of BC’s best lake surfing, wakeboarding, hiking, and other outdoor activities. As someone who truly lives and breathes the Okanagan lifestyle, Nate decided to make the Okanagan his home in 2015. Since then, Nate has been working hard to offer a bespoke approach to real estate, tailored to each client’s individual needs. 

Before making the dive into real estate, Nate spent three years serving as a Wild Firefighter, often working 16 to 20-hour shifts combating wildfires. He continues to demonstrate his vigor, strong work ethic, and loyal service in his career as a realtor. No matter what the circumstance, Nate will always go out of his way to put himself on the line for his clients.  

“As I had the opportunity to get to know Nate Cassie in the midst of his real estate career taking off, I realized very quickly that his job was always more service than sales which is why I chose him as that was very important to me. I needed somebody I could rely on as well understand what my best interests were. Not just to buy and sell homes. He proved that with his thorough knowledge of the local market and his vast network of connections leading to the best buyers and eliminating wasted time screening only qualified purchasers for my home. Every time I viewed a new property Nate would perform a methodical inspection, looking for signs of problems and commenting on the quality of construction, finishings, and all important details. Nate also led me through multiple rounds of negotiation to get to a price I was beyond happy with.”

– Morgan Decksheimer